The following package DOES include custom content creation (professional, customized graphic design).


  1. Website Design and Development ( logo animation and redesign)
  2. Graphic Content creation and platform consistency design
  3. Social Media Profile Posting + Maintenance (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud ,Tumblr)
  4. PPC Ad Campaign across all platforms
  5. Social Plan for Re-release of prior music properties and future

TOTAL COST: $2500 Deposit $800/month [*includes $300 in monthly ads]

The following package includes everything listed above. As well as the following.


  1. Email Sign-Up Form + List Management
  2. Cross platform Blog Release
  3. Music Video Planning and Direction

TOTAL COST: $5000 $800/month [*includes $300 in monthly ads]

This is our premiere package that will provide the best possible results.
The following package includes all of the previous package offerings as well as the following.


  1. Release on digital sites
  2. Multi -level success analytics done daily
  3. Competitor analysis done daily
  4. Two posts per day per social platform
  5. 9 Post “Mosaic” Series (custom graphics for Instagram)
  6. 1 Monthly Email Newsletter
  7. Professional Video Production/Editing
  8. Designated Video PPC Ad Campaign via YouTube with content posting on our peronal distribution page
  9. Setup + Maintenance of tracebable, bitly, backlink, SEO tracker, and all other data recorders

TOTAL COST: $7000 Deposit $1,000/month [*includes $500 in monthly ads]

Today, brands need to stand out. Industry requires an identity. Once an artist develops a successful identity, their brand will be recognized and remembered. To make it happen in a spirited economy rife with intense brand competition, brands need to listen to what people are looking for and react.

At The Social Society, we do things differently. Our goal at the beginning of a project is to create a culture for our client, and then extend that culture to others. In order to help our clients “make it happen”. Once the project is identified (examined, assessed, evaluated…), we then utilize the latest in creative technology, approaches and design to develop advanced Internet and multimedia projects that will get brands noticed.

The Social Society is a top provider of expert social media marketing services. We help brands reach new customers by marketing effectively on all social media channels. We have experience with all levels of business when it comes to delivering social media services. We will be happy to provide additional case studies upon request.

Our main goal is to provide comprehensive a social media program that drives artist following by utilizing optimal digital posting times and competitor analysis. Competitors followers will be marketed to via the various platforms where they already spend time digitally (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.)

Comparative Analytics and Targeting
All Packages include social analytics evaluation. In this process we take an effective look at all the closest
competitors who have similar following. We use that demographic evaluation to systematically attract the
followers that fit our target demographics. This process is an organic way of growing a following that is
actionable and motivated to purchase/engage.